Monday, November 30, 2009

No shopping this week...

SO I have challenged myself to NOT go shopping this week (besides milk - which we shop for a couple times a week).

It seems like a slow week at most stores.  There are a few deals I'd like to hit at Walgreens - but I'm gonna fight the urge!

I've been saying I'm gonna go without shopping for one week for a while now - but I'm gonna finally do it!

Wish me luck!

$3 worth of free mp3 downloads on Amazon...

Amazon has a great freebie available all week.  Click here and use code MP34FREE to get $3 in MP3’s absolutely free!!

Amazon also has a list of free mp3 downloads here.

Enjoy your free music!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rebates!! In and Out

I received $80 in rebates in the mail this past week!!!  YAY!!   A couple of these I had all but given up on - they were from a mix of places, including Kraft & Kelloggs. 

*ALREADY POSTED* About 2 weeks ago I also received $100 worth of Kellogg's checks to be used for toys, electronics, books, movies, and something else I can't remember.  I had to buy specially marked packages of cereal for these.  For every 3 boxes I bought - I received $10 worth of certificates!  I've used a couple of these at Target already for toys for Christmas!

I will also be sending out some more rebates in the mail tomorrow.  I have $10 from Nabisco (buy 10 boxes of crackers), $10 from Coinstar (cash in $40 of coins, get $10 bonus), and $3 from Estancia wine ($3 rebate for turkey).  So another $23 coming soon (hopefully)!

A lot of times I forget to send in my forms or miss the deadline or lose the receipts, etc.  But this is a great way to get some return on your money!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

October Totals - half way thru November

OK - so I know it's about half way through November...  I've had all of my October receipts piled up for 2 weeks now - and I have FINALLY added them all up! 

Thanks to the gift cards I received last month, I was able to keep my out of pocket expenses this month!

Schnucks - $39.59 OOP ($64.59 total minus $25 paid with gift cards)
Kroger - $18.70 OOP
Walgreens - $28.99 OOP ($78.99 total minus $50 paid with gift cards)
Meijer - $15.48 OOP ($40.48 total minus $25 paid with gift cards)
Jewel - $20.77 OOP ($120.77 total minus $100 paid with gift cards)

Total spent on gift cards $200
Total spent OOP $123.53

On a side note - These totals include 64 cartons of ice cream purchased for the food pantry.  There was an awesome deal on these on Halloween and spent a lot of time at Jewel (all 3 of them in town).  I purchased other things as well on the same receipts so I didn't separate them out of my totals.

I am out of gift cards now, but am expecting another $75 in rebates still.  I also have some new rebates to send in when I get the chance (hopefully before the postmark deadline LOL).

YAY - Rebates received!

On Saturday I received $100 worth of rebates in the mail!

My husband called while I was out about and told me - I wanted to rush home to get it!

That brings me back into the black for my budget!  YAY!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Little Pony Deal - less than $15 for FOUR!

This week:: Toy’s R Us has Hasbro My Little Ponies Buy 2 Get 1 Free, starting at $6.49.
-$5 off $20 My Little Pony purchase printable
(4) My Little Ponies at $6.49
-$5 off
-$6.49 for free Pony
Total Due: $14.47 for 4!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Scream!

I wasn't able to get to my computer to blog about this deal over the weekend, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway!

Jewel had Breyer ice cream on sale Buy One, Get TWO free.  The first one cost $6.69.  So 3 Breyers ice cream for $6.69 is a pretty good deal if you ask me!  There were also $0.75 coupons from a recent newspaper insert.  I only had 2 of those - but made sure to use them!

I had read online that if you bought 6 ice cream you'd get $15 back in catalinas!  So I started doing the math:

$40.14 = 6 ice cream at $6.69
-26.75 = instant savings of $13.38 X two
$13.90 = out of pocket cost (before tax)

Earn $15 in catalinas!  (To use on just about anything in the store!)

That meant FREE ice cream!  So my mom and went to Jewel in the morning and each did a transaction of 6 ice cream.  That would take care of us for quite a while! 

Later I read online that if you bough 9 ice cream, you'd get $30 in catalinas!!  So I did the math again and found that it would cost $20.07 (before tax) and I'd earn $30 back!  So I called the director at the food pantry to see if they could use any - she said YES - how about 36 of them!  Back to Jewel we went!  Once we delivered those - the pantry realized they could fit 27 more in the freezer!  So once again - back to Jewel!

When all was said and done:

93 ice cream
$100 in catalinas leftover (I had started the day with $24 and had bought some other things too)

This was done at 3 different Jewel stores, so we didn't wipe out any store of stock - but it was FUN!  Now I just have to find a way to resist eating it all so I still fit in my clothes for the holidays!  Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the pantry's freezer!