Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Shopping Totals

With all the craziness with the holidays, etc... I didn't really shop that much this month it seems. Here's my totals:

Walgreens -$9.57
Jewel - $19.63
Meijer - $12.18
Other - $17.62

Total spent $59.00.

I do have some coupons I want to use up tomorrow before they expire, so I will update this one more time this year!


Last week I received one of the $10 rebates I have been waiting on from Kraft.

I also mailed off $30.97 in rebates today and have another $10 that I just pulled my receipts out for and will mail in tomorrow.

So that's $10 added back to my grocery budget and another $40.97 in rebates I'm waiting for.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Surprise $20 Rebate Check received!

So I've been waiting on this $20 Kraft rebate check for months now... I finally called Kraft last week to find out what the deal was, as my other coupon friends had already received theirs!

Supposedly the rebate center never received my rebate and NO they will not take the photocopy that I made of my submission materials. BUT - the Kraft company decided they would send me a $20 check instead for the trouble!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great freebies by Text!

There are a few great freebies you can sign up for with your cell phone using the ShopText service. Just text the codes below to 467467 for you freebies!

-Text COOKING to get a free Holiday Recipe Booklet from Unilever.

-Text COFFEE for a free sample of Folger’s Gourmet Coffee.

-Text NESTLE for a free sample of Nestle Morsels.

-Text FREE7UP for a free 2-liter bottle of 7-Up or Canada Dry.

Standard text message rates do apply.

Back to shopping...

So I'm back to shopping this week!  There's just a few too many great deals to skip it.  Here's a taste of what I'm getting:

There's a catalina promotion going through 12/16 - Buy $15 of participating General Mills and Pepsi products and get $5 catalina.  I haven't done all the legwork for this yet - but I'm betting there will be great deals here!

Gillette shaving cream $1
$1 off shaving prep item (Proctor & Gamble insert 11/29)
FREE!!  (I'm gonna buy a bunch for my daughter's preschool and the food pantry)

Coffee-Mate creamer $0.99
$0.50 coupons from newspaper
$1/2 coupon from updating my Jewel card a few months ago

Maxwell House coffee $1.79
Catalina deal:
Buy 2-3, get $1
Buy 4 or more, Get $4

Instant deal: Buy 3, get a free 5 lb Pioneer sugar
I also have a $4 off coffee coupon - I'll  buy 6 coffees and use 2 coupons.  So I will pay about $1 for the coffee and will get a $4 catalina back, not to mention the free sugar!

Crystal Light on the go packs $2
$1 Meijer mealbox coupon (www.meijermealbox.com)
$0.50/2 tearpad coupon (will double to $1)
Final cost $0.50 a box

Coke 2 Ltrs $1
$1 winetag coupon

Jello Gelatin $0.55 (regular price - not on sale)
$1.25/3 tearpad coupon
Catalina deal:
Buy 5, get $2 catalina
So I will buy 6 of them ($3.30), use 2 coupons (minus $2.50), and pay $0.80.  Then I will get a $2 catalina back.  The Jello will be donated to the food pantry and I will get to use the "extra" money on other items I need for my family.

Buy 5 Glade holiday scented candles, Get $5 gift card.  I have various coupons to match up with this promotion.

Buy 5 participating Keebler snacks, Get $5 gift card.  They are on sale for $2 each

$1 peelie coupons 
Pay $5 for 5 packages and get a $5 Target gift card back. 

Starbucks coffee $7 ea
$4 off coffee coupon
Buy 3, Get $5 Target gift card.
I'll buy 3 packages ($21), use 3 coupons (minus $12).  I'll pay $9 and get a $5 gift card back.  So it will be like $4 for all 3 packages - or $1.33 each

I will most likely do these promotions in separate transactions so I can use the gift card from one promo to pay for the next. 

Now through Saturday - every time you spend $25, you will get a $5 Register Reward (like a catalina).  The $25 is after all Walgreens coupons, but before manufacturer coupons.  This is limit one per transaction - so if you're buying $50 worth of stuff - split it up between 2 transactions so you can earn 2 of the Register rewards.

Nabisco Crackers at $2 ea
Buy $10 worth, Get $3 RR (Register Reward)
$1/2 coupon from Nabisco Holiday booklet
$1/2 Walgreens coupon from Diabetes booklet (found in pharmacy area)
Pay  $6, Get $3 Register Reward  - so final cost of $3 for 5 packages ($0.60 each)
I plan to do this twice and then send in for $10 rebate from Nabisco (Buy 10 items, Get $10 rebate)

Triaminic at $5 ea Thin Strips 14 pk., Liquid, 4oz., Decongestant Spray, .67 oz.

Buy 2, Get $5 RR
$2 coupon from S 12/6 or S 10/8
$2 Walgreens coupon from Healthy Savings booklet
Pay $2, Get $5 RR

Toblerone Chocolate $1.50 ea
$1 coupon from S 11/22
$1/2 Walgreens coupon from December book (in store by sales flyers)
Final price FREE when you buy in multiples of 2 

$4.99 RR wyb Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care at $4.99 free 

Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color at $6.99
Earn $6.99 RR
$2 printable coupon & Free after rebate offer 

Conair Brushes or Scunci Hair Accessories at $2
Earn $2 RR
Renu Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack, at $9.99
Earn $9.99 RR
$2 printable coupon 

Stim-U-Dent, 100 pack at $2
Earn $2 RR

Stayfree Feminine Care Maxi 16-24 pk, or Ultra Thins 16pk, at $1.99
Earn $1.99 RR
$1 printable coupon

Chex Mix $0.99
$1 coupon


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November Totals

I finally tallied up my purchases from November:

Jewel-Osco - $15.58 ($55.58 total; Paid $40 on gift cards)
Schnucks - $18.61
Meijer - $14.96 ($34.96 total; Paid $20 on gift cards)
Walgreens - $14.99 ($44.99 total; Paid $30 on gift cards)
Target - $0.00 ($18.76 total; Paid all using gift cards)
Various stores - $7.29

Total cash out of pocket for November = $71.43

Looks like I am over budget by about $100 - with $23 of rebates still coming. I am doing MUCH better than I thought I would! The one week of no shopping will help with December totals. And I'm debating doing it again!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More FREE music!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Like free music?

More free mp3 downloads!

25 free downloads from Amazon - one per day until Christmas:
Amazon 25 Free holiday downloads

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just a little bit of shopping...

So I've been doing pretty good with this no shopping thing...

But I had to go to the store since we were out of milk.  That's all I was gonna buy - but I noticed the bread was marked down to $0.25 a loaf - so I picked up 4 loaves to stick in the freezer.

Still not bad - 2 gal of milk and 4 loaves of bread for $5!