Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July Totals

There haven't been as many deals this month it seems. I've been doing some low-key shopping - focusing on the "freebies" and rock bottom prices items. Because of my stockpile I haven't had to purchase too many "need it now" items. I've also been trying to spend my catalinas for the need it now items, where I usually buy it on extra stuff that we don't necessarily need. And I've been using up my gift cards as well. I've gotten gift cards from transferring prescriptions and using offers that stores provide to get your Rx business.

CVS $0.76
Meijer $13.04
Target $7.38
Kroger $14.81
Walgreens $11.89
Schnucks $10.25
Jewel $13.18

That's a monthly total of $71.31!! I have some catalinas left over to use in August too!

I've received rebates and mailed in rebates, which I detailed in their own posts.