Monday, July 26, 2010

July rebates received

$7 Suaza tequila
(4) $4 Edy's ice cream
$3 Cortaid
$4.50 Pilot Pens
(2) $2 Constellation wines
$2 Sutter Home

Total of $36.50 received!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June Totals - better late than never!

Even though I felt like I did a LOT of shopping in June - I was surprised to see my totals were pretty low!!

I used some strategic planning and used my catalinas from previous orders to pay for my next ones. I think I did surprisingly well - even if I must say so myself... and I do say so. LOL

I also received some gift cards to CVS for transferring prescriptions, so that saved my CVS bill! My children were on vacation with Grandma for two weeks and my youngest is doing VERY well with potty training - so my diaper costs have gone WAY WAY down. He's now using 1 diaper overnight and maybe a Pull-Up during the day.

Kroger $13.49
Schnucks $12.48
CVS $4.62
Walgreens $17.17
Meijer $24.36
Target $10.90
Jewel $16.83

That's a grand total of $99.85!! WOO HOO!!!!

I also received $23.13 in rebates and sent in $38.82 worth. I already posted regarding the details on these.

Here's to another "slow" month in terms of budget!

Monday, July 12, 2010

June Rebates Received!

I received a total of $23.13 rebates in June:

$3.39 from Pepperidge Farm cookies
(2) $5 from TriHeart Heartgard dog medicine
$3.74 from Bic pens
$6.00 from Armor All

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More rebates mailed!

Last week I sent in more rebates, but didn't have a chance to update yet. Here's what I sent:

(5) $2 off total purchase from Blackstone wine
(5) $2 off total purchase from Mandavi wine
$2.99 Try Me Free rebate from Lea & Perrins
(3) $10 Listerine whitening prepaid gift card offer
(2) $7.99 Schick Try Me Free offers

That's another $68.97 in rebates!!

I do have a few more to mail in for June purchases and will get those ready when I get done posting my June totals. I can't believe the year is half over already!