Friday, July 29, 2011

May/June/July Rebates

I have been SUPER busy these last few months and haven't kept up with my blog here. My husband lost his job so I've been working to add to the income.  We've been eating mostly off of stockpile and buying on necessities and freebies or super cheap items.  I will work on getting the receipts tallied up in the next week or so and then make a new post for those.

Rebates Mailed:
(5) $25 Miller Lite
(2) $3.99 Sun Burnt Gel
(2) $15 Flora vitamins
(4) $2.99 Nexcare
(5) $2 Build A Better Burger

Rebates Received:
Finesse $1.99
Crunchy Nut $2.50
Pork $3
(2) $6.99 Biggest Loser Meals
(2) $2.50 Crunchy Nut cereal
(2) $2 Beef
(3) $25 Miller Lite