Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Rebates

(4) $10 Kelloggs
$2 Meat
(2) $15 SC Johnson (this is one I called about last month that I thought was lost!)
$3.29 - Dishwasher Magic Cleaner
$9.99 Tena rebate
$15.00 Prepaid Visa for Kahlua online survey
$3.49 Planters cashews
Total Received: $103.77

(3) $3.49 Planters nuts
$3 Rotisserie Chicken
(2) $3 Pork
(7) $2 beef
$2 grilling meat
$3 Cortaid
(4) $3 Turkey
(6) $10 Keebler/Kelloggs
Total Mailed: $110.47

Alcohol rebates - (I didn't include the receipt for these in my budget, and won't include this in my budget when I receive it - just wanted to keep track of it for my rebate totals)
(2) $50 TGIF cocktails
$10 Asti Spumonte
$20 DeKupyer
(2) $15 Hiriam Walker
Total Alcohol rebates: $160

Lost $16.63 of Schick rebates - They were mailed in February but I've never received them. There is no number to call and check on them - so I'm writing them off to the category of "Lost Rebates".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Totals

Holidays mean more grocery spending for us! We usually host Thanksgiving and so we have those costs. We also buy quite a lot of convenience foods because life just seems so busy! I found a few good meat deals as well - so I stocked up a couple times this month.

Jewel $42.62
Meijer $61.67
Walgreens $38.20
Schnucks $23.97
Kroger $20.88
Other $7.59

Total Spent $194.93

Rebates detailed in another post.

November Rebates

Rebates Received:

$10 Kraft rebate

More rebates to mail this month!

$3.29 Dishwasher Magic
(2) $10 iTunes gift cards (Energizer batteries)
$2 for beef
$3 for seafood
(2) $3.39 TGI Fridays Try Me Free Quesadillas
(2) $6 Chestall
$6.99 Childrens Mucinex
$5 Walmart gift card + $30 in coupons from ConAgra

I also have been researching some old rebates that I haven't received. There were 3 $10 rebates for Listerine Whitening products that I will not be receiving. They had a limited number of prepaid cards and ran out - so they are mailing me coupons instead. Another reason to jump on rebates when they are released!