Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Rebates

Rebates Received:

$10 Kraft rebate

More rebates to mail this month!

$3.29 Dishwasher Magic
(2) $10 iTunes gift cards (Energizer batteries)
$2 for beef
$3 for seafood
(2) $3.39 TGI Fridays Try Me Free Quesadillas
(2) $6 Chestall
$6.99 Childrens Mucinex
$5 Walmart gift card + $30 in coupons from ConAgra

I also have been researching some old rebates that I haven't received. There were 3 $10 rebates for Listerine Whitening products that I will not be receiving. They had a limited number of prepaid cards and ran out - so they are mailing me coupons instead. Another reason to jump on rebates when they are released!

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