Monday, March 30, 2009

Store's errors not always in your favor!

So my Jewel trip #3 should have only cost me $3.25 but I paid $7.76 total. What went wrong? I was planning on using a $6 coupon but couldn't because you can pay your tax with coupons, and my tax was $2.98.

I just figured it out... it was two "problems" together that did it.

#1 - my mushrooms rang up $0.89, but they were marked $0.75 on the shelf. So being the good attentive shopper that I am, I noticed it and mentioned it. The cashier had someone check the price on the shelf. Sure enough - it was ringing wrong. Jewel's policy on this is that you get your first item free and then the rest of them at the correct price. This lowered my total by $0.75!

#2 - I bought bread for $2.25 and had a free item coupon. The cashier typed in the amount of the coupon as $2.99 instead of $2.25. So I received an extra $0.76 off my bill.

Here's how "the math" looks to get from what I actually paid to what I should have paid:

$7.76 total I paid
+0.75 should have paid for mushrooms
+2.99 (amt she took off for the bread)
-2.25 amt she SHOULD have took off
-6.00 coupon I wanted to spend
=3.25 (2.98 was tax - so I had it figured right - I would have paid tax + $0.27!!)

So even though I had this shopping trip all planned - something went wrong! But I am happy to be able to figure out what it was!

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