Monday, August 31, 2009

July Spending

I know I have been MIA WAY too much lately. Life has been crazy!

I spent a lot more in July than usual but I also purchased a lot for the food pantry and ended the month with over $180 in catalinas to use at Jewel.

Here are my July totals by store:

Kmart: $26.87
Kroger: $71.45 (have a $10 gift card leftover)
Schnucks: $15.40
Meijer: $80.47
Jewel: 270.86 (have $180+ in catalinas leftover)
Walgreens: $61.61 (have leftover Register Rewards - not sure how much)

Total spending: $526.66
$200 reamaining in gift cards & catalinas
Will receive $150 in rebates
Like spending $176.66 ($86 was for the food pantry)

That's a LOT of spending - especially for me! Can't wait to get my rebates back!

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