Sunday, October 4, 2009

Over Budget!

Well - I am officially "over budget" for the year. I've gone over my $2000 budget by about $80 as of September. I am still waiting on roughly $150 in rebates to come back to me.

I've also been helping out some friends over the last couple months because they were going through rough times. They are back on their feet and are asking to pay me for my help! I said NO - I wasn't expecting anything in return for my help. They showed up earlier today with gift cards to my favorite stores and homemade baked goods!! It was a wonderful surprise!

My goal for October is to purchase everything using the gift cards - NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET! We will see how that works! I'm also hoping to get my totals up weekly again. Now that the beginning of the school year has calmed down - I'm hoping I can get this done more consistently now.

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