Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Totals

Well - I think I'm right on top of things this month with posting my previous month totals! But I did spend more this month than I needed to probably. BUT I do have a lot of catalinas and Register Rewards left to spend - so hopefully next month's totals will be lower (I think I've said that before LOL)

Total Rebates received in April $10 from Kraft
Sent in NO rebates!
Still waiting on all my Snapple rebates - they seem to be taking a LONG time!


CVS $7.28 (have
Schnucks $61.75 (tax on free dog can kill ya!)
Target $6.20
Kroger $26.88
Walgreens $61.36
Meijer $112.31 (There's some "misc" stuff in here like toys and yard supplies - but too hard to separate them out)
Jewel $143.06

That's a total spending for April of $418.84!! OH MY!

Here's what I have left for catalinas and Register Rewards to spend in May:
Jewel $48
Walgreens $40
Meijer $27
Schnucks $1.50
CVS $2.49
That's a total of $118.99 to spend!

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