Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June Totals - better late than never!

Even though I felt like I did a LOT of shopping in June - I was surprised to see my totals were pretty low!!

I used some strategic planning and used my catalinas from previous orders to pay for my next ones. I think I did surprisingly well - even if I must say so myself... and I do say so. LOL

I also received some gift cards to CVS for transferring prescriptions, so that saved my CVS bill! My children were on vacation with Grandma for two weeks and my youngest is doing VERY well with potty training - so my diaper costs have gone WAY WAY down. He's now using 1 diaper overnight and maybe a Pull-Up during the day.

Kroger $13.49
Schnucks $12.48
CVS $4.62
Walgreens $17.17
Meijer $24.36
Target $10.90
Jewel $16.83

That's a grand total of $99.85!! WOO HOO!!!!

I also received $23.13 in rebates and sent in $38.82 worth. I already posted regarding the details on these.

Here's to another "slow" month in terms of budget!


Catherine said...

You don't add misc items to your monthly totals do you? I'm thinking like eating out/ordering in, snacks/drinks at the movies or even snacks/drinks when you're shopping???

cyberjf said...

I don't add these items in my budget because I have another budget category for eating out in my monthly budget.

That being said - We eat out/order in about twice a month. I usually try to go somewhere I have a gift card for, which I normally purchase from My Points, Swagbucks, or Coke Rewards. We also eat out with Grandma and Grandpa usually - and they pay the bill.

I usually shop in the evenings when my husband is home so I can shop alone. This alleviates the need for snacks/drinks while shopping. If I end up shopping with children I will usually bring them each something from home. Then they get something after each store we go to.

We probably only to go the movies about every other month (not even that often sometimes) and take our snacks with us. I've been getting free movie tickets and concession cash from the various Kellogg's offers on the boxes as well. If I have those, my hubby will get popcorn from concession. If we pay money for these items, it comes out of our "entertainment" budget for the month.