Saturday, April 9, 2011

March Shopping Totals and Rebates

Schnucks $35.37
Meijer $30.17
Walgreens $63.58
Jewel $13.34
Kroger $36.41

Total Spending $178.87

Rebates Received:
$10 Menards (not in grocery budget)
$50 Diageo (not in grocery budget)
(2) $1.99 Finesse
(3) $4 Hasbro (not in grocery budget)
Total received $3.98 (plus $72 not in grocery budget)

No rebates mailed


Frugal and Coupon Crazy in the Riverbend said...

Do you stockpile? I am following you , please check out my blog as I am in Illinois too.

cyberjf said...

Yes, I have a good sized stockpile that we eat from already. I'm always adding to it on freebie deals.