Friday, July 29, 2011

May/June/July Rebates

I have been SUPER busy these last few months and haven't kept up with my blog here. My husband lost his job so I've been working to add to the income.  We've been eating mostly off of stockpile and buying on necessities and freebies or super cheap items.  I will work on getting the receipts tallied up in the next week or so and then make a new post for those.

Rebates Mailed:
(5) $25 Miller Lite
(2) $3.99 Sun Burnt Gel
(2) $15 Flora vitamins
(4) $2.99 Nexcare
(5) $2 Build A Better Burger

Rebates Received:
Finesse $1.99
Crunchy Nut $2.50
Pork $3
(2) $6.99 Biggest Loser Meals
(2) $2.50 Crunchy Nut cereal
(2) $2 Beef
(3) $25 Miller Lite


Sandy said...

Can you share your weekly menu I am wondering what your eating for $28.85 a week.

cyberjf said...

I actually do not write menus. If you look back through the blog, you will notice I buy when things are free or dirt cheap. I stock up on these items at these times. Then we eat from my stockpile. I do not shop for my menu. I plan our meals from what is in my pantry.

For instance, if pasta is free after sale and coupon - I may buy 20 boxes. Then we are set on pasta for a while. If I were to plan a week's worth of menus and I put spaghetti on it - I may spend $1-2 for a lb that week if there is no sale.

When there's a deal on meat or I find it marked down - I buy lots and freeze into meal size portions right away. I usually get ground beef under $1.50 a lb, chicken about $1.25 a lb, pork loins for $1.75 a lb. These are my "good deal" prices and I might buy 25 lbs when that sale comes along. But then I don't have to buy meat for a few months (unless it's really cheap again). This allows me to pull chicken breasts from the freezer and plan my meal around that. If I were to plan a menu and put chicken on the menu - the price could be $2-3 a lb that week!

I usually shop for fresh fruit/vegetables (there are good coupon deals on frozen veggies though) & milk each week. I only buy the fruit we need and we will eat before it goes bad. It's not a good deal if you are gonna throw it away because you didn't eat it before it turned. That is money straight into the trash can.

Does that clear up your questions Sandy?

cyberjf said...

And to clarify - some weeks I may spend $100. But then other weeks I may only spend $5. The $28.85 is an AVERAGE of what I spend when divided out over the 52 weeks of the year.

I will buy items that are money makers (after sale, coupon, catalina, rebate - I get back MORE than I spent!) even if we don't need the item. I donate the item and I get to use my "profit" that I made from buying.

I also send in a lot of rebates. When the rebates start rolling in, the money gets added back into my annual budget.

Alyssa McVey said...

I came over from the attached parenting blog that posted about un-following you because you posted coupons for formula. You have gained a new follower. :) I look forward to getting to know you and your site.

Kaylee said...

Are you able to send in more than one rebate per household? I always wonder that since I buy mulitples of the product with TMF rebate tags on each of them. (most recently Glade)
Does the company honor more than one per household?


cyberjf said...

Each rebate is different. Some say one per household. Some say one per PERSON. Some don't have limits. For the ones that limit, I will send rebates to family members because they usually shop from my stockpile anyway.