Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do you get so many coupons?

People often ask me where I get all my coupons from.  I get them from a variety of places!

  • I subscribe to the Chicago Tribune because it has much better coupons than our local Pantagraph.  I have 8 copies of this delivered to my house each Sunday.  I pay only $0.50 per paper.  The Tribune only delivers to some areas though.
  • I know two paper carriers who give me any extras they happen to have (these are the Pantagraph).
  • I also know someone who works at a gas station who saves me any extras they have.
  • I go dumpster diving!  OK... it's recycle bin diving to be exact.  Town of Normal has large recycle bins in the parking lots at various grocery stores.  People dump their papers in these bins and I go through them and get the coupons only when there's good coupons out!  (Just bring your hand sanitizer for when you're done LOL)
  • Ask around!  I have numerous friends who save me their coupons from their papers!

So... you may be wondering why do you want MORE coupons?  If you find a great deal on something - you wanna buy as many as you can!  This is especially true on shelf stable items or items that can be frozen and it's something your family uses often.  

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