Thursday, June 5, 2008

Filing system

No shopping for a few days - so thought I'd post the info about my coupon "filing" systems.

Uncut coupons - These are for my un-cut inserts. They are filed by date & insert (6/1 RP, 6/1 SS, 6/1 GM). I just go through and clip the ones that I know I will use. Then I file them so that when a sale comes around I just go back through and clip the ones I need for the sale.These are also portable - so I can pick up the crate and take it to a different room when I wanna clip. I usually will go through each insert and staple each of same pages together so I can clip "in bulk". This comes in handy when I get 20 (or more) of each insert from Dumpster Diving.

Cut & Filed coupons - These are the coupons I've actually clipped. I have them sorted into envelopes by category. The lid snaps closed on all 4 sides, in case the box gets dropped (which happens too often I'm afraid). If I have leftover coupons that I had clipped for a sale I end up filing them in here - among the ones for the items I'm always buying.

Unfiled, Uncut, & Receipts - These are the ones that I've cut (or need to cut - like IP) and need to file. The wipes box on the left is how I "file" my receipts. When I get home from shopping I stack them in here, then at the end of each month I put the receipts into an envelope. This makes it easier to go back and look for a receipt if I need it for a rebate or something.

This filing system works for me. The only time I don't like it is when I'm at the store and find something on clearance that I KNOW there's a coupon out for. With the cost of gas, it's not worth it to go home & clip the coupon and then go back out to the store.

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