Sunday, July 27, 2008

Been focusing on shopping for the food pantry

So I notice I haven't posted in TWO WEEKS! Where has the time gone??

I haven't been shopping too much for myself lately - I've been donating my time and planning to helping out one of the local food pantries. I've provided them with a list of good deals, then they tell me how many of each item they'd like. I then pull out the coupons and do the shopping and they reimburse me for my out of pocket costs.

I didn't take pictures of all of the stuff (didn't want to haul it all inside to take a picture & then back out to the van to take to the pantry) but I did make a list of all the items & out of pocket costs.

Last week I was able to purchase (and be reimbursed for) & donate the following:
  • 50 tubes Colgate toothpaste
  • 56 Loreal Vive shampoo/conditioner
  • 6 pkgs Kotex pads
  • 30 Secret deoderant
  • 54 Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner
  • 9 pkgs diapers
  • 30 Sure deoderant
  • 2 pkgsSchick disposable razors
  • 6 trial size Gillette body wash
I spent $90.38 out of pocket. $37.73 of that was tax (which the pantry was going to try and get back from the stores). They are submitting for $14.98 in rebates. They also had $16 in Register Rewards left to use.

$21.70 spent for all that stuff!!

They also have rebate forms and receipts to send in for 12 manicure or pedicures compliments of Herbal Essence!

I also donated the following to them from my stockpile extras:
  • 70 pkgs of diapers (I paid about $0.12 tax on each package)
  • 25 pkgs of marshmallows (estimate - didn't count - these cost me the $0.01 tax on each package)

In the last few days this is what I have gotten the following at Walgreens for the pantry:
  • 17 pkgs diapers
  • 33 pkgs pull-ups
  • 8 pkgs 100 ct wipes
  • 2 pkgs 40 ct wipes
  • 7 pkgs 300 ct wipes
  • 51 boxes Reynold's wrap
  • 22 - 2 pocket folders
  • 15 - 5 pks mechanical pencils
  • 2 highlighters
  • 3 bottles glue
  • 2 - 10 pk Crayola washable markers
I spent a total of $24.32 (using their tax exempt status). They will be able to send in for $4 in rebates. I also have $85 in Register Rewards for them to use! So after all is said and done - Walgreens PAID THEM $64.68 for all this stuff!!

The Register Rewards can be used towards future purchases at Walgreens and can also be used at Jewel because they are manufacturer coupons technically!

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