Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walgreens Diaper Deal

When I saw the almost free diapers at the beginning of July I ran to Walgreens! Multiple times! Within a couple week's time (I got rainchecks the first week) and 11 Walgreens later - I ended up with 114 packages of diapers! They ranged in size from Newborn to size 6!!

Here's the picture I submitted to one of the coupon boards I belong to:
After having these all sit in my basement for about 3 weeks - I sorted through them and kept some in each size (I'm 7 months pregnant - for those who don't know) for our personal use.

Then I took the other 80 packages to the food pantry at our church. They were SO grateful and amazed. They told me they get AT LEAST 1-2 calls PER DAY asking if they have any diapers.

I told them the deal was coming back around at the end of the month - and they sent me on a shopping spree for them! They reimbursed me for all out of pocket costs. See below on the details of what I've purchased for the pantry out of their donation money since I dropped off the diapers.

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