Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chicago Tribune delivery deal!

A lot of people ask me where I get my coupons - they come from the Chicago Tribune! Much better coupons in there than the local paper.  And it's easy to get it for the same price as the local Pantagraph!

While reading my Chicago Tribune on Sunday there was an sticky note on the front that advertised a gift card giveaway!  They are giving away:

Grand Prize $1500.00 in Jewel-Osco gift cards
Runner-up prizes $500 in Jewel-Osco gift cards(4)

More details at: http://extras.chicagotribune.com/grocerygiveaway/

Thought I'd sign up for the drawing - it would be awesome to get those gift cards!  Here's how the conversation went this morning on the phone:

Me: I'd like to be entered in the Jewel gift card drawing.
Rep: Sure, I can help you with that.  What's your name, phone, address?
Rep: Are you a current subscriber?
Me:  Yes, but my subscription runs out in 2 weeks.
Rep: Would you like to sign up for 3 day delivery for $xx.xx a week?  And if you sign up for easy pay I can send you a Target gift card.
Me:  No thank you - I only read the Sunday paper.
Rep: I can get you the Sunday only for $1.75 a week and if you sign up for easy pay I can get you the same gift card deal.
Me: No thank you - I can buy the paper locally for $1 on Sunday.
Rep: How about $0.99 a week for the Sunday only?  With the same gift card offer for easy pay?

So I will not be getting the Sunday paper delivered to my doorstep for $0.99 a week AND be getting a $10 Target gift card!!  It's a 13 week offer on the price.  But I know from experience that they will extend it for another 3 months since I'm on easy pay.  So that's 6 months at $0.99 a week (about the same price as I can buy it for here) AND a $10 Target gift card!  That's awesome in my opinion!!


Carrie said...

Wow I wonder if I can get a second subscription for the Sunday at that price. Maybe in my husband's name.

cyberjf said...

Yes - you probably can! I'm not sure the gift card deal is still going on but you can prob probably still get the under $1 a week price.

I haven't gotten my gift card yet - but when I called to confirm my subscription was started - they told me two weeks for the gift card. So I still have a bit of time to wait.

gavingabesmama said...

At one point there was an offer for 3 days for $.50 a week. That is when I got in on it. I have 6 papers delivered every week. My total cost is $39 every 13 weeks. In fact just checked and $.50 a week is still available with offer code 09TJ. Don't sign up for easy pay and they will send you the gift card info in the mail.

cyberjf said...

That's awesome!

I think I'll be signing up for a few more copies then!