Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rebates!! In and Out

I received $80 in rebates in the mail this past week!!!  YAY!!   A couple of these I had all but given up on - they were from a mix of places, including Kraft & Kelloggs. 

*ALREADY POSTED* About 2 weeks ago I also received $100 worth of Kellogg's checks to be used for toys, electronics, books, movies, and something else I can't remember.  I had to buy specially marked packages of cereal for these.  For every 3 boxes I bought - I received $10 worth of certificates!  I've used a couple of these at Target already for toys for Christmas!

I will also be sending out some more rebates in the mail tomorrow.  I have $10 from Nabisco (buy 10 boxes of crackers), $10 from Coinstar (cash in $40 of coins, get $10 bonus), and $3 from Estancia wine ($3 rebate for turkey).  So another $23 coming soon (hopefully)!

A lot of times I forget to send in my forms or miss the deadline or lose the receipts, etc.  But this is a great way to get some return on your money!

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