Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on "life in general"

So I've been MIA this week...

I was hired for a temp job that is full time and lasts about 3 weeks, so I haven't been home to blog much at all!  When I get home my time is consumed with spending time with family and getting everyone to bed on time.

Of course this is great news for my budget challenge, since I haven't had much time to shop either!

There are some GREAT catalina deals at Jewel right now!  There are three going on at once and another starting next week!  WOW!  I think I will be spending quite a bit of my weekend at the store, stocking up for next to nothing!  And hopefully I will be able to find an awesome deal so I can stock up the food pantry as well!

More a different day! 

Until then - Happy couponing!

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