Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Summary of Totals


My goal was to spend under $1800 - I spent a net of $1708.47 (My actual spending minus the rebates I received). I am still waiting on $143.91 in rebates - if I had gotten those before the end of the year my net numbers would have been $1564.56!!

I have found that keeping the blog helps me realize how much I have spent each month. I've decided to challenge myself again for 2011 - but to $1500 for the entire year! That's $125 a month - or less than $32 per week. I think I can do it! I have quite a stockpile of shelf and freezer stable foods to get me going. I am also involved in a grocery budget challenge on one of the coupon sites I frequent.

Here's a monthly summary of numbers for 2010 (since I need to clear the right column to put 2011 numbers in):
December $103.77 (mailed $110.47 in rebates + lost $16.63 in rebates)
December rebates received $103.77

November $194.93 (mailed $34.06 in rebates + $25 in gift cards + lost $30 in rebates)
November rebates received $10.00

October $121.08 (mailed $59.53 in rebates)
October rebates received: $6.99

September $138.79 (mailed $50.00 in rebates)
September rebates received: $59.30

August $134.83 (sent in $72.06 in rebates)
August rebates received: $71.16

July $71.31 (sent in $68.97 in rebates)
July rebates received: $36.50

June: $99.85 (sent in $38.82 in rebates)
June rebates received: $23.13

May: $227.09 spent (sent in $73.50 in rebates)
May rebates received: $36.84

Apr: $418.84 spent (sent in $0.00 in rebates)
Apr rebates received: $10.00

Mar: $151.12 spent (sent in $0.00 in rebates)
Mar rebates received: $15.00

Feb: $189.43 spent (sent in $52.48 in rebates)
Feb rebates received: $87.61

Jan: $263.28 (sent in $70.95 in rebates)
Jan rebates received: $43.97

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