Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9 - Jewel & Walgreens

I went shopping today at Jewel & Walgreens. I used gift cards to pay for all of my purchases, so nothing comes out of my budget today.

I also placed a case lot order at Jewel to purchase items for one of the local food pantries. I am their "personal shopper". I go to the store during big deals like this and special order cases for them. Then I donate my extra coupons and pay for their items. Then I take the receipts to the pantry and they reimburse me for what I've spent. The will be getting 13 cases of cereal (12 boxes per case), 4 cases of Fiber One bars (12 bars per case), 1 case paper towels (30 rolls), 72 tubes of toothpaste. It will cost them $30 and they will have $50 in catalinas leftover in the end! So in the end they will MAKE $20 on these items thanks to coupons!!

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