Friday, May 9, 2008

Late Night Run to Walgreens 5/9/08

I meant to go during the day but my 'To Do' list got the better of me today. So I made a run to 2 stores and did 3 orders at each place. Here's what I got:

12 Olay Ribbons body wash
5 Cover Girl Sponge Puffs
4 Cover Girl Powder Puffs
2 Cover Girl 3 in 1 sharpeners
2 Cover Girl eye shadows
4 Cover Girl blushes
7 Cover Girl nail polishes
4 Nutter Butter
4 Double Stuf Oreos
4 Chips Ahoy
1 Granola cereal
1 Cocktail sauce

Paid with gift cards $122.82
Left with $138 in RR (will add to gift card tomorrow)

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