Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walgreens 5/8/08

Stopped at Walgreens again today for the Proctor & Gamble deal.

All in all I got:

3 Cascade Gel

1 Charmin wipes

4 Febreze air Effects

1 Febreze Noticeables

4 Zantac

4 Oreo Cakesters

2 Oreos

2 Chips Ahoy

Dog Toy

17 Ramen noodles

2 CG Makeup Puffs

2 CG Makeup Sponges

2 CG 3 in 1 sharpeners

6 CG nail polish

6 CG Blush

$50 Darden gift cards

$20 Subway gift cards

$20 Chuck E Cheese gift cards

There's also a deal going on right now that when you buy 2 packages of Nabisco cookies, you get a $3 RR.

The Zantac was another deal as well. Sale price was $3.99 and generated a $3 RR. I also had $5 off coupons for each package.

The only down side to Walgreens RR deals is that you have to ring each one up seperately - so I had NUMEROUS orders.

Here's the $$ situation:

Started with $99.23 on WAG gift card

Spent $1.62 cash

Left with $128.28 on same WAG gift card

So Walgreens paid me another $27.43 to leave the store with all this stuff!

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