Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 14th, 2008 - Target, Kroger, Meijer, & Jewel

No wonder my husband thinks that all I do is shop! Hit another 4 stores today.

4 12 pks assorted Pepsi products
1 Baby onesie (for the baby)
6 mini flower grow pots (for teacher gift)
2 16 qt plastic see through boxes

Used up 3 gift cards
Paid $10.75 OOP (after gift cards)
I'll send in the Pepsi UPCs for a $10 rebate
Net OOP (after rebate) $0.75

1 loaf white bread

Paid $1.26 OOP

36 Countrytime Lemonade (assorted flavors)
12 Kraft Pasta Salad kits
2 Valentine cello treat bags (for school parties next year - on clearance)

Paid $8.16 OOP
Have $4 cat to use on next trip

8 Smuckers ice cream toppings
12 Hebrew National beef hot dogs
36 Chef Boyardee microwave bowls
5 cartons Egg Beaters

Spent $7.38 OOP
Have $10 cat to use next time
Will send in (4) rebates on the Smuckers for $4 credits on movie rentals = $16.00
Net OOP (after rebate) = ($8.62) - making money in the end

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