Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 12th - Schnucks, Jewel & Kroger

Got more General Mills cereals & Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks at Schnucks. I got:

5 Regular Cheerios
4 Fruity Cheerios
2 Lucky Charms
4 Fruit Gushers
15 Fruit Snacks

Total cost $33.80
Paid with:
$10 gift card
2 $3 cats (from previous trip)
$17.80 OOP (cash)

Walked away with:
(15) $3 cats
(6) cats for 1 PAIR of movie tickets

Went into Kroger for a sale on meat & produce. Here's what I came away with:
6 pkgs of boneless skinless chicken breasts ($1.77/lb - each package 2-4 lbs)
8 ears of sweet corn

Paid a total $24.03 OOP (cash)

Also went to Jewel-Osco. They have a beverage promo going on right now. Buy $20 of participating products (determined by regular price - not sale prices) and receive a cat for $5 off your next purchase. They also have a Con Agra deal going on where you buy $20 of participating products (regular price - not sale price) and receive a cat for $10. Between these deals I got:

4 Hebrew National beef hot dogs
12 2 Ltrs of Coke products
2 Smuckers ice cream toppings

Paid $5.86 OOP (cash) after coupons. I also received $15 worth of cats to use next time. In addition - I will send in the receipt on a Smuckers mail-in offer for $4 off movie rentals. So in the end - they paid me to take this stuff home!


karma33 said...

WOW- i love your general mills deals!! That is amazing!! I sure wish they had those kind of deals here in canada!!
Love your blog!

cyberjf said...


Where are you from in Canada? My husband is from a couple hours outside of Toronto (Peterborough).