Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where do I get my coupons?

Well - no big deals to report lately (although there are a couple shopping trips this week that I am getting ready to do).

I thought I'd go ahead and post how I come across all my coupons.
  • I get the Chicago Tribune delivered every week (it has better coupon values that our local paper). I've actually considered bumping up to 2 Sunday papers from there.
  • I also go out and buy a couple copies of our local paper (more if there's good coupons)
  • My family saves their coupon inserts for me (usually just my grandma & my great aunt)
  • Coupon trades
  • Writing to companies for coupons and to get added to their mailing list
  • Printing from the internet (can print 2 copies of most coupons per computer)
  • My most "profitable" coupon source is the recycle bins around my town! Us couponers call this "Dumpster Diving". There are about 10-12 sites where people can drop off their recyclables here in town (no curbside recycling). I like to hit these on Monday mornings and get a "stash" of papers that newspaper delivery people have tossed out. Sometimes I find 20 or more of the coupon inserts this way!
  • Newspaper carriers - I don't currently have this "source" but I have in the past. Usually the newspaper carriers have to stuff the papers with the ad/coupon inserts on Sundays. These inserts come in bundles of a predetermined number and sometimes the carriers have extras. My source for this had to give up his route though - so I am still searching for a new one.
I thought this might help those who are new to couponing and give them some ideas of where to get papers from.


Sleepless In St. George said...

just wondering if your stores double and triple coupons....we have none....and my only stores are albertsons and smiths (krogers) I also have walgreens and rite aid...can't find deal as great as you...then again I am still learning and getting better all the time!

cyberjf said...

We have Jewel (takes expireds & competitors catalainas), Kroger (doubles up to $0.50), Meijers (takes expireds, doubles up to $0.50 - 2 of each coupon), Schnucks (doubles up to $0.50, then makes anything between $0.50-$0.99 double p to $1), Walgreens, CVS (very small).

The deals seem to come in waves - there's either a TON or there's none :-)

Couponing is definately a "learning process" - I'm still learning from Jane on Janes4Girls. She finds better deals that me fairly often.

Good luck with your couponing & keep with it!